Welcome to Crafts Etc … a place where I share my journey in Business. Crafts Etc was originally all about craft, however over the past four years I have decided to branch out and focus a little more on the “etc” and with this came the new and exciting world of eBay reselling and Etsy.

I also enjoy exploring and researching new methods of generating income online and subsequently implementing them.

While the Crafts Etc business journey has its ups and downs, I have to say on the most part it is fun!

Each day brings a variety of tasks including sourcing for eBay and Etsy, packaging parcels, chatting with customers and possibly learning a new skill to start a new project.

You will be able to find updates on my business journey on the Blog and if you visit the Shop tab, there are links to my eBay and Etsy Stores.

Thank you all for joining me on this journey, for me its a very fun and enjoyable one and one I look forward to every day!

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