Welcome to the Crafts Etc Blog … a place where I plan to share my journey in Business. Crafts Etc was originally all about craft, however over the past year or so I decided to branch out and focus a little more on the “etc” and with this came the new and exciting world of eBay reselling.

I love everything eBay and I have to say this new journey is fun. My stock now varies greatly from day to day and every item I purchase is either something I love or something I will enjoy researching.

You will be able to find updates on my new stock and the many exciting bits and pieces I pick up when I head out on my bargain hunts … and of course the many many mugs I find on the way …. Fun times!!!! (I warn you all … there will be LOTS of Mugs … I seriously LOVE Mugs!). All items will be listed in my eBay Store. There will also be craft products, mostly listed in bundles / collections.

I have been working on an Etsy Store and adding products to the shop on this website. There will be an update on these in a future blog post.

I will also share some of my everyday life with you all including my adorable Poppy (my amazing 13 year old “puppy”) … and also those moments I think may help and inspire those who follow my blog.

I love how the Universe guides us and how there are moments of pure happiness and joy, ones that I just want to share with the world. I also love Positive “Quotes” so there may be some of them too.

Thank you all for joining me on this journey, for me its a very fun and enjoyable one and one I look forward to every day!

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Just a note, there are affiliate links within this website both as links and clickable banners. If you click on these and make a purchase, I may receive a small commision. Thank you in advance for supporting me and my business.