As I reflect on 2021, I am pleased with all that I have accomplished.

While a difficult year for the world, I focused on my health, those closest to me and my business.

I remember starting the year with an enthusiasm for work that I continued throughout the year. I focused on all things eBay and listed as much every day as I could physically do.

As the year progressed I had a quest for knowledge and all things income and business related. I watched You Tube videos and decided instead of just watching them, it was time to put some things into practice.

I wrote a blog post about this a little earlier in the year – Crafts Etc … the Story so Far

At times I felt things were a little disjointed but I continued and stopped the things I either didn’t enjoy or weren’t working or both. Despite the projects that didn’t work, I am very proud of myself for the ability to learn and take in information. I won’t tell you my age but it is a long time since I was a student.

In my personal life, while I won’t go into detail, I am fitter, healthier and more focused than I have been in a long time. I have my ups and downs like everyone but I bounce back quicker and tend not to dwell on things the way I used to. I therefore did not at all dwell on those things that didn’t work out for me and have not completely ruled any of them out as a future project.

2022 – They Year Ahead

Christmas and New Year for me this year were very enjoyable and relaxing. I put no expectations on them at all which led to a very peaceful time.

New Year’s Day saw me organise my house and I have to say an organised office is definitely an organised mind, for me anyway. I love my office now and my larger bedroom upstairs is now a bona fide stock room. Stock is easier to find and packaging parcels a lot quicker because of this.

I also organised my living room and kitchen with the bathroom being the next project. Several trips to Home Bargains and Poundland aided the process. You Tube is amazing for videos on how to organise your space. I have just added a selection of videos on how best to organise a tiny bathroom. The furniture in the bathroom is a little outdated so with Mum’s help a little chalk paint may be required.

… Back to Business …

The projects I did stick with from last year and am continuing this year are:

eBay of course (my first love) –

Etsy – Personalised Gifts

I did say before that I believed Etsy to be a very niche orientated platform so I decided then to open another Etsy Store – CraftsEtcHomeandGifts – as the name says it is a home and gift store although over the past few days I have had lots of ideas about adding a craft section – I am not fully decided yet though. This store is in it’s early stages, it takes quite a bit of time to add stock on all platforms so I am growing it slowly. So far so good and the main thing is I am enjoying it.

Also towards the end of last year I opened an onBuy Store – it is also still in its very early stages too so I think I may introduce it a little more later in the year.

I have also dabbled a little in affiliate marketing although it is a rather large subject and almost a career on its own but I am part of the eBay Partner Network which I do enjoy. Affiliate marketing is one of those things I continue to learn a little bit about now and then.

This website is of course part of the Crafts Etc group although sadly last year I had limited time to work on it. I did however manage to get the shop up and running and I hope this year it will bring everything I do here all together in a very organised manner. I have some plans for the shop but I will keep you updated.

Social Media

For those who know me, they will know I am not a fan of social media (on a personal level) but I do believe it is a very useful business tool. I am now on pinterest, instagram and facebook. Perhaps a blog post about these later in the year too may be an idea.

I think perhaps I have written a little more than intended.

Thank you all so much if you have read this far, your time is very much appreciated. Please feel free to email me if you have any questions –

I hope you all have a wonderful evening. Take care, Heather x

Just a little note about Affiliate Links.

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