Happy almost Saturday, its 11.54pm and I really should be in bed but I was just in the mood to write.

It has been another beautiful day and although I am not one for sitting in the sun I love to see it and along with the sunflowers it keeps me smiling … and of course happy 🙂

I have had a really good week and have gotten so much done that I did not expect to get done. I also managed to list quite a few bits and pieces on eBay to the sound of music. Every day seems to bring another song or artist that helps me work and keeps me both happy and motivated. I never thought music could have quite such an impact. It has been one of the many things that has kept me going in these past months. My playlist on You Tube becomes longer by the day.

Some of you may know my Mum, but for those who don’t she is an incredibly talented lady who can quite literally turn her hand to anything. I took this photograph a little while ago, I had meant to add it to facebook but never quite got around to it. So many of our crafting friends have been asking about her and what she has been up to. I plan to add more photographs of her creations over the next few weeks and months, but to start off here are some beautiful hand crafted cushions. Everything is hand cut from a pattern and hand sewn (I have to say I would be trying to use a Sizzix or Cuttlebug, lol). There are many creations and pictures of the garden to follow but in the meantime I hope you like these. I think they are Amazing!!!

I am now starting to fade and think perhaps it may be time to wind down as I have lots I want to do tomorrow. I am also a little worried that perhaps there may be thunder in the middle of the night. Poor Poppy does not like it at all (nor do I) and while I want to hide under the covers, my Popps needs settled. Fingers crossed it will stay away.

Good night all, I will be back soon. x

Hand Crafted Cushions