Good afternoon everyone, I hope you are all well and staying warm these rather cold and frosty days. Although damp today it does seem a little milder which is a good improvement.

I have spent all week with almost every source of heating on in this house – convector heater, central heating, fire, heated blankets … at least I was warm though. I am not sure I want to see the electric bill!!

I hope you all had a lovely Christmas, I had a very relaxing and quiet one but it suited me perfectly.

New Year was a little odd for me though as, like everyone, I had to be home at 8pm. It was strange not spending New Year’s Eve with Gerard and I really missed him but it was also nice to spend time at home with my adorable Poppy by the fire. I even treated myself to a glass of wine and some chocolate which was rather nice.

Plans for January …

The New Year has started well for me and although I am not really one for setting New Year Goals (I tend to set goals all year round), I have quite a few plans and things I would like to achieve in January and further on into the year.

My main focus for January was to organise and plan my work days. I am a motivated person but working from home has always meant I worked a lot more hours than I really should. I started this past Monday to plan my days for the week with the aim of finishing around 6pm every evening. So far so good although I must confess I still worked the odd hour in the evening. These however are now hours I want to work as opposed to doing things that have to be done before the next day. So far Week One went well and I am planning the same for Week Two.

My other focus for January was to sort my stock rooms – I now have two of these, my office that I work in downstairs and my once craft room upstairs.

I spent all day yesterday sorting downstairs and although I was tired at the end of it, I was pleased with what I had accomplished. I have cleared space on the floor, stacked the storage shelves and all boxes are now labelled on the side so I know what is in them. I really had to do this as I spent half an hour on Friday searching for a casserole dish I wanted to post. This has happened many times so I knew something had to be done.

I also managed to bring some items downstairs which will hopefully reduce my trips up and down the stairs on a daily basis. I had hoped to start the upstairs stock room but I decided I had done enough. I have to say it was quite fun as I found some bits and pieces that were not listed and some I had forgotten about. I have scheduled the upstairs room for Tuesday and I am really looking forward to it.

Today I am just relaxing and photographing some new stock for eBay including the items I found yesterday. These will be scheduled over the next few days. I think this afternoon I will light the fire and watch Casualty. I am so glad it is back.

I have lots of other ideas and plans for January and the rest of the year but I think that is enough for today – its either a feast or a famine on this blog. I still hope to write more often but I will see….time will tell.

I am going to go now and organise my lunch. I hope you all have a Wonderful Sunday.

I will hopefully be back soon.

Take care, Heather


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