Good evening all, I hope you are well and managing to make the most of the Summer in these difficult times.  I have been hiding these past weeks, working as usual but just taking a little time to myself. 

I had planned this blog to be a more regular work related project but then I realised I enjoyed writing much more when I was either in the mood or something in the world had helped or inspired me.  This evening is one of those moments.

Yesterday was one of those days when my motivation just vanished but I decided not to beat myself up and just go with it. I had an early night, was up several times during the night and was up early.  I decided however to begin the day with a renewed vision and thought I would do my best to start with one thing and take it from there.  Well it’s now 7.23pm and I feel so much better, I had a little bit of a bargain hunt when I was out with my post, lunch with my amazing partner, a power nap and then several hours on eBay. I am rather pleased I have now managed over 400 listings, I have been trying to do this since March 🙂 … I have listed lots of mugs of course, but also a selection of other bits and pieces.  I would love it if you popped over and had a look and perhaps follow my store Crafts Etc. I would really appreciate it.

As I sat relaxing after dinner I was listening to music and a song came on by Owl City and Lindsey Stirling – absolutely amazing musicians.  The song is called Beautiful Times and really worth a listen. As I listened it gave me a sense of real hope for my own life, my dreams and my visions. It is very very difficult to see these times as beautiful but sometimes it’s just nice to put some headphones in, shut yourself off from the world and imagine a life without a pandemic.  I have found so many songs in the past year that have helped me, encouraged me and made me smile, all of which help me get through the day.  All this then led me to write today’s blog and offer a few things that help me everyday. I really do hope they help make a difference to you.

Don’t ever beat yourself up if you feel unmotivated.

If you are able to do something, instead of feeling overwhelmed with everything, pick just one thing no matter how tiny and take it from there. It always makes me feel good and normally leads me to many more things.

Take a little time out and do something you enjoy, something that will help and inspire you, for me it is music.

Anyways, I won’t continue to ramble on but I hope you all have an amazing evening and weekend. Hopefully the next blog post will not take as long.

I am off to Home Bargains for the “Great Biscuit Hunt”, although I imagine we will buy more than biscuits …. £30 plus later, lol. 

Bye for now. 

Take care, Heather x